Celebrating RE

mediumIn March 2011, schools, SACREs, faith and belief groups, libraries, museums, local communities and anyone with an interest in RE participated in both local and national events which celebrated and publicised the value and importance of RE for the education of every child and young person. It highlighted the excellent work that is being done in RE and shone a spotlight on the subject for a whole month.

This website captures some of the events that took places and also offers a range of useful and inspiring resources, which although written with March 2011 in mind can be modified and adapted for any time.

In the Resources section, you will find RE ideas for working with pupils in the: 

  • early years
  • primary
  • secondary
  • also for those with special educational needs or who are gifted and talented.

In addition, there are ideas and activities for groups and organisations such as SACREs, museums and libraries and others. 

Visit the Celebrating RE website.