Appointments and elections

REC procedure for appointments and elections 
  1. Periodically and when needed, information is circulated to member organisations about forthcoming vacancies for volunteers to put themselves forward in relation to officer posts, elections to the Board and committee vacancies. 
  2. Information about the role is provided e.g. for committees, the frequency and nature of meetings, expectations about ways of working and level of commitment etc (this kind of information is already supplied as part of the process for Board elections).  This should include a clarification that people would take on such roles in a personal capacity not to represent an organisation.
  3. Interested people are asked to let the REC Board know in less than 200 words what they can offer.  This may be general or specific, depending on whether or not they are expressing an interest in a particular role.  A cut off date is agreed.
  4. Elections take place at the AGM, usually in May. For committees, the Board registers people's interest and gets back to those who have put their names forward. The Board decides on appointments with due regard to balance, size/cost effectiveness and efficiency of groups. If there are too many offers and the Board is unable to deploy all volunteers, it can keep their names on a list for future possibilities.