Mon 26th Oct 2015

NASACRE & AREIAC Conference: Approaches to Curriculum Design

The joint NASACRE and AREIAC conference will take place at the Ibis Hotel (New Street) in Birmingham on Thursday 19th November 2015. Anyone interested in effective RE Curriculum Design in the 21st century is welcome to attend.  There is a special reduced rate for members of NASACRE and AREIAC.

The booking form can be downloaded from AREIAC's website (under the 'Current News' section) and should be returned to Derek Holloway at

Speakers will include: 

Pat Hannam (Hampshire County Inspector Adviser for RE; History & Philosophy and Doctoral Researcher in Education) who will be speaking on 'The Hampshire approach'.

Derek Holloway (RE Adviser for the Diocese of Salisbury; Associate RE Adviser to Dorset SACRE) who will speak about 'The RE Council Approach'.

Dilwyn Hunt (Independent RE Adviser) who will look at 'An Essential Core Approach'.

Random bricks or building a structure? 

It has been said that the planning of RE in schools often resembles a series of random bricks. Too often these ‘bricks’ are put together with little sense of what the final structure might look like. There is no architect’s vision. How might new agreed syllabuses in the future address this issue?   

This is an opportunity to look at what the problems are, what advice is available, to discuss the value and effectiveness of that advice and to share ideas about what might be done to raise the quality of children’s experience of RE in the classroom.