Feedback on the YA scheme

Read the feedback from students and teachers.

Young people say they have:

  • been challenged and pushed to do things beyond their expectations
  • felt noticed, developed leadership skills and become role models for younger pupils, taken on a role on behalf of the school , developed greater ability to work as members of a team but have also involved others beyond their teams, breaking down boundaries of age and stage
  • experienced a sense of purpose and motivation and a confidence that their voices would be heard 
  • gained new skills and interests (e.g. public speaking, movie making and IT) 
  • developed a sense of shared experience with fellow enthusiasts for RE

Teachers say the scheme has:

  • raised the profile of the subject and promoted it to pupils, parents and across the whole school community; where it was already good, it has made it even better; it has helped to raise the awareness of colleagues about the value of RE and increased their understanding about its links with other subjects across the curriculum..
  • provided excellent professional development opportunities, including enabling teachers to learn from what other schools were doing, being a source of inspiration for new teachers, creating the basis for work beyond teachers' own school s e.g. in making outreach to other schools and bodies such as the local SACRE, generating the motivation to develop new skills (e.g. use of Twitter), and has led in one case to promotion,
  • given teachers the pleasure of seeing students flourish and develop leadership experience and of seeing other staff impressed by their maturity and ability expressed in RE activity; having the satisfaction of seeing a positive impact on students who may not do brilliantly in other areas but have a pride in their achievements and in knowing how to behave responsibly as an ambassador.

Read the feedback from students and teachers.